A rare, hearty narration of the spiritual life and saadhana of Ma Gurupriya.

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Ratnadeepa, a young girl from a loving close knit family, given to academic excellence, finds increasing purposelessness in life. Given to rational thinking, keen observation and analysis, her mind develops a yearning that the world of education, profession and marriage is not able to fulfill. The spiritual journey that ensues in Ratnadeepa’s search for the eternal Truth and wisdom, forms the underlying theme of the book.

Applying the same dedication to her spiritual quest that she had as a student and later as a teacher, Ratnadeepa ultimately attains fulfillment in the wholesome pursuit of the spiritual path. In her writing she shares this journey with rare feelings and candour, revealing the various stages and trials her mind coursed through and transcended.

Spirituality permeates every minute detail of Ratnadeepa’s daily life. The supreme importance she gives to the Gurus words, growing and blossoming according to his guidance, culminate in her transformation from Ratnadeepa to the Universal Mother – Ma Gurupriya.