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VOL 1 – In this book, based on Nirvaana Prakarana of Yoga-vasistha Ramayana, Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha in his irrefutable style declares that in the whole Universe, Consciousness alone is, and that Consciousness is verily our real nature. Shedding light on the path of actualizing It, he exhorts us to abide in It, attuning our mind to It always. The knowledge and subsequent realization of this Supreme Reality, sublimates our mind, illumines out intelligence and adorns our personality with peace, harmony and fulfillment.

With dexterity, Poojya Swamiji lifts us to that lofty state of supreme delight, where we can remain unaffected by the torments of worldly turmoil. Needless to say, the message is greatly relevant to one and all.

VOL 2 – This book is based on Nirvāṇa-prakaraṇa of Yogavasiṣṭha Rāmāyaṇa, which is an authoritative Text on mind. Generally, spiritual wisdom is taken to be an outcome of prolonged meditative and contemplative austerities pursued in ascetic environments. But, Yogavasiṣṭha discusses the crowning wisdom in its functional level, especially as related to interactional life of a King or Administrator. (210 pages)


VOL 3 – This entire volume is dedicated to a remarkable narrative of a Royal couple pursuing and attaining Brahma-jnana. As such the entire narration in the original text is too elaborate. Poojya Swamiji has chosen important shlokas from selected portions of the story and interpreted them from his own experiential depth and wisdom. Poojya Swamiji explains with immaculate clarity the intricate episode, unravelling spiritual truths on liberation, true renunciation and ultimate felicity. In fact for a keen seeker of knowledge, this one volume should be sufficient for enlightenment.