Annual Activities

Annual Visit by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha to Malaysia (August – September)

Every year Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha visits Malaysia accompanied by MaGupriya and disciples from the Narayana Tapovanam Ashram. During these visits the following programmes are held:

  • annual Jnaana Yajna – a  4-day discourse in English, based on themes taken from the Bhagavadgeeta,
  • spiritual discourse in Tamil, based on the Bhagavadgeeta in  Seremban – a town situated about 45 minutes drive away from SIRD,
  • evening satsangs –  held at the SIRD centre,which are opportunities for seekers to have close interaction with Poojya Swamiji and have their doubts cleared
  • scriptural classes – conducted by Ma Gurupriya in the  mornings over 4 days, during which she translates and explains narratives taken from Sreemad Bhagvatam and other scriptural texts.
  • workshop on Experiential Vedanta
  • talks with Hindu organizations

Swamiji’s Jayanthi Day (13th May) SIRD conducts a special programme on the occasion of Swamiji’s birthday.

Gurupoornima (July) A Special satsang is held on Gurupoornima at SIRD every year.