On-going Activities

SUNDAY Morning Satsangs (8.00 – 9.30 am) This is the regular practice every Sunday:

  • flowers are offered at the holy feet of Poojya Swamiji
  • chapter 13 of the Bhagadvadgeeta is chanted
  • a senior member of SIRD translates and explains the meaning of one verse of chapter 13
  • a  taped recording of Swamiji’s Morning talks at the Ashram is played (10 minutes)
  • collective Meditation (15 minutes)
  • a passage from the book ‘Prabhata Rasmih’ is read out followed by a  20–minute discussion on the reading, focusing of how it relates to daily life.Book Discussion – Twice a Week THURSDAY Evening Discussions (7.45 – 9.00 pm) A part of the book “Essential Concepts of the Bhagavadgeetha (Volume 3) is read, analyzed and discussed to shed light on our own progress and imperfections.                    SATURDAY Evening Satsang (6.00 – 7.00 pm) A part of the book “Vedantic Way of Living is read, analyzed and discussed in the light of our own experiences and understanding.


  • Sundays Cultural Heritage Classes (10.30 am  – 12 noon) These classes are conducted in the Ashram, in Delhi and in Jamshedpur and now at the SIRD in Malaysia. Children, aged 6 – 12 years are exposed to “Value Inculcation” through the narration of stories, script-writing and enacting, projects, essay writing, painting, debates, environment-related activites, society-facing activities, reading and research including reading rare anecdotes of role models.