Poojya Swamiji’s visit to Malaysia began in the year 1973. Initially it was to Seremban, a small town south of Kuala Lumpur, where Swamiji used to give informal talks and satsangs in temples in and around Seremban town. Over the years Swamiji had gained a group of ardent devotees there who continue to visit Swamiji each year in Kuala Lumpur.

After 1989 there was a gap of nine years when Swamiji did not come to Malaysia. Then again in 1998 Poojya Swamiji’s visits to Malaysia resumed. Since then Swamiji has been coming to Malaysia every year with the exception of 2002.

Since 1998 the programs organized have been public in various temple halls and ashrams in Kuala Lumpur and Serembam, as well as one day talks in other towns like Ipoh, Penang, and Melaka.

The Society for Inner Resources Development, Malaysia was formally inaugurated in the year 2004.