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VOL I – An invaluable compilation of Essential Concepts from Bhagavad-Gita (covering Chapter 2). This book is the first of the series presenting the essential concepts in Srimad Bhagavad Gita in a unique manner. Mainly the concepts appearing in Chapter I and II of the gospel are dealt with exposing how grief becomes yoga, the truth about life and about existence. Reflecting over the concepts and revelations exposed in the book will inevitably lead the seeker to deeper and more enduring introspection and enquiry which will culminate in the much more desired Meditation and Absorption and finally to a state of stable mindedness. The ultimatum will be the crowning fulfilment derived out of a distinguished life of abiding harmony, ceaseless integration, lasting peace and ecstasy together with continuing expansion.

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VOL II – An invaluable compilation of Essential Concepts in Bhagavad-Gita (covering Chapters 3 & 4). This book is a commentary on the essential concepts presented in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, dealing with the concepts in the 3rd and the 4th chapter of the gospel. The subject matter is karma yoga, explaining how a simple karma (action) can be verily transformed into Yoga through Knowledge and understanding. Swamiji points out that, an action by its mere performance will not become Yoga, but the aim and attitude of the mind of the performer makes it a Karma-Yoga. This Yoga attitude is cultivated through a comprehensive understanding of our life and activities as a part of the Universal Wheel of incessant activities going on in NATURE. Any action performed with the attitude free from possessiveness and selfishness will become a contribution to the Universal Karma–yajna of Nature and it will instantly bestow freedom instead of causing bondage to the performer. The message exposed from the heart of a Self Knower will have its unique impact on the readers mind also.

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VOL III – An invaluable compilation of Essential Concepts in Bhagavad-Gita (covering Chapters 5 & 6).This third volume of Essential Concepts in Bhagavadgītā series, primarily deals with the concepts elaborated in the chapters five and six. Through these discussions, Poojya Swamiji further enlightens how Sri Krishna’s grand synthesis of Karmayoga and Jñāna offers a universal path to supreme Felicity. Poojya Swamiji points out that Bhagavadgītā discusses true sannyāsa as an inner attainment – a state of freedom of the mind and the intelligence, and explains how the right pursuit of karmayoga enfolds the content and sublimity of sannyāsa as well. How cardinal messages of Bhagavadgītā are verily universal, transcending all religious notions and divisions is repeatedly highlighted.

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VOL IV – The fourth in the series, this book covers chapters from 7 to 12.This volume contains concepts presented in chapters 7 through 12 of the Bhagavadgita. Subtler and loftier notes of devotional sadhana are wonderfully presented by Swamiji. Transcendental dimension of the Guru,”mat-paratva” (Regard Me as Supreme) and “Vishwarupa-darshana” its truths and myths are some of the concepts presented by Swamiji from the standpoint of his experiential clarity as a Knower Teacher. This volume deals with the concepts elaborated in chapters 13 to 17 of Bhagavadgeeta.

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VOL V – This volume deals with the concepts elaborated in chapters 13 to 17 of Bhagavadgeeta. The salient aspect in Poojya Swamiji’s interpretation of all the concepts presented in Bhagavadgeeta has been to highlight their universal relevance in bringing about a unique expansion, elevation, and enrichment to our mind and vision. This volume reveals many deeper aspects of spiritual saadhana, based on threadbare analysis of human personality. While discussing the models and enunciations put forward by Krishna, Poojya Swamiji has from various angles emphasized the supremacy of our intelligence when it is freed from the clutch of delusion. He has shown how the subtle impersonal analysis of our personality as well as the world makes our spiritual pursuit effective and fulfilling.

VOL VI – The concluding part of the series, this volume deals with the 18th chapter, dealing with Moksha (Liberation) and Sannyasa (Renunciation). This volume dealing with the concepts presented in Chapter 18 of Bhagavadgeeta, completes the series “Essential Concepts in Bhagavadgeeta”, authored by Poojya Swamiji. The integration that started in chapter 2 by establishing karma-yoga on a firm foundation of jnana, is brought to its pinnacle in 18th chapter, where karma-yoga, jnaana-yoga, and bhakti-yoga merge beautifully to take the saadhaka to his ultimate goal – being one with the Supreme.