We were introduced to Poojya Swamiji’s teachings in 2011. Many feel that spirituality can only be applied when we are retired, or have lesser duties and responsibilities. On the contrary, we found that applying the teachings at an earlier phase of life was both possible and fruitful.

As we are pursuing this path together, we often discuss the concepts after Satsangs. We do this with the sole intention of clarifying our doubts, and understanding how to apply this to our daily lives. With regards to the sadhana, we correct each other whenever issues arise. It has become a routine practice for us. So much so that there is minimal resistance in the mind to oppose any mistakes identified.

We speak openly with our children Gnaneswerr (18 years) and Kavineshwer (15 years) about the spiritual teachings, to inculcate these good values into their lives. Whenever they encounter any problems, we lovingly discuss with them from the standpoint of spiritual understanding.

Being in the professional front and having to manage family life undoubtedly has its own challenges. The spiritual teachings have become an anchor that helps us stay firm and course through all situations in life.