The most transformational aspect of Brahmavidya to me has been the resonating revelation that I am beyond the sum of my body, mind and intellect. My efforts since, have been directed towards trying to experience that Higher Self. As a result, my universe and my role in it has been ever expanding, thanks to an awareness that the same Force within me is woven into every entity around me, uniting us all.

I am a more engaged and invested member of every institution I am a part of , be it a nucleus family or global citizen. I am more aware that we humans are a collection of our biases and preferences, all at varied stages of internal evolution, rendering me less judgmental, and more respectful and understanding of the people around me. I am also more equanimous with outcomes and focus my energy and concentration more on the task at hand, giving it my best and allowing myself forgiveness when I fall short .

Brahmavidya has potentiated my growth in many dimensions and I now lead a more meaningful, productive life. I am more at ease and in sync with myself and my existence. The most exciting part I must say is that I have barely scratched the Brahmavidya surface!