I don’t claim to have realised what Brahmavidya is or for that matter realised what God or the ultimate Truth is. However, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to Swamiji from a very young age and have grown to be fond of Him and Trust what He has had to say, thus developing a special bond which is different from any I’ve had or ever will!

Swamiji has always said that the three things to be watchful of in life are desire, possessiveness and ego. It has certainly guided me to introspect and be honest with myself. Looking externally, Swamiji has always lauded the importance of having sympathy, love and kindness towards everyone and hate none. If I was to be completely honest, I think I have managed to cultivate sufficient sympathy and kindness, under the watchful eyes of Swamiji over the years, but can’t say I love everyone, not yet. And though I certainly don’t hate anyone, there are a few I avoid.

Thinking about my association with Swamiji and the Ashram in broader terms I think there is a growing acceptance for everything around me. I do, as everyone else in this world, have my fair share of personal and professional challenges but there is a growing trust and reliance on, as Swamiji puts it, Providence. I would like to believe that slowly, but steadily, I am getting rid of my ‘baggage’ and am at peace with myself.