I feel that out of the many Brahmavidya teachings and practices, interactional sadhana has had the deepest impact on me. Whenever there was an interaction, I found that people were not behaving the way I wished, and often I may not be behaving the way others expected. This would lead to others forming ideas about me which may not be true, thus creating agitation in my mind.

A lot of these interactional challenges arose because of gaps in communication arising from inability to express oneself completely. Because of Brahmavidya teachings, I was able to properly identify and understand the problem. With self introspection, I was able to reduce my mind’s agitation during such interactions. Over time, I have been able to understand the unspoken concerns of the other person as they interact with me. The sadhana focused on interactions have also helped me to reduce wishful thinking and stay grounded in reality.

From being sad, tense and strained by relationships, I have become more relaxed and capable of letting go without creating any reactions in my mind. My personal and professional relationships have become more pleasant. I have also learned to expect less from each relationship, and this has enabled me to savour the beautiful moments presented by different interactions.