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02 – Kathopanishad | Self Transcends Birth and Death

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Swamiji begins narrating the background story of Kathopanishad. In this Upanishad, the Guru is Yamaraja (the Lord of Death) and the Shishya is a young boy, Nachiketa. Swamiji makes us understand that our focus must be on the qualities and virtues illustrated through the characters in the text.

Nachiketa goes to Yamaraja and seeks to know the truth about Death. The question was whether Nachiketa, such a young boy, was fit to receive the Supreme knowledge.

What are the fitness criteria for an aspirant of this knowledge? In Vedanta, it is called ‘Sadhana Chatushtaya’- the four-fold pursuit or virtues. They are Viveka, Vairagya, Shama-damaadi shatka sampattih and Mumuksha. Swamiji delves deep into each one of these qualities which are very significant for a seeker of Truth. He leaves us in no doubt that it is only this internal wealth that matters in spirituality.

Shlokas discussed: (1.1.1 to 1.1.9)

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