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03 – Glories Of Little Krishna

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In this talk, we have the rare opportunity of drinking the nectar of Krishna’s childhood exploits. Ma describes in detail the naming ceremony of Krishna and Balarama. Ma simply transports us to Vrajabhoomi where Sri Krishna grew up, played pranks and stole the hearts of not just his Mother Yashoda but all the Gopis and the Gopas.

Ma narrates the story of a Brahmin who is given a rare opportunity of seeing his Lord in the form of Little Krishna. The little bundle of joy (Krishna), not only enchants the Brahmin’s heart but also of all the listeners who are mentally looking at the crawling Krishna with a mouthful of pudding.

Ma sings out imaginative compositions of Vyasadeva, explaining which she evokes a sense of deep participation in the festive atmosphere of the place. The sweet, devotional voice of Ma fills us with bliss.

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