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03 – Mundakopanishad | Unchanging Source of the Changeful World

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Swamiji continues his exposition of the deep enquiry of Shaunaka and the qualities that adorn this ideal householder. His humility, desirelessness and keenness in seeking left Sage Angiras in no doubt about his fitness to receive the Supreme Knowledge.

Swamiji discusses the two kinds of knowledge presented in the Upanishad which are to be acquired by a seeker—The inferior knowledge (Apara Vidya) and the Superior knowledge (Para Vidya). He analyses in detail the inferior knowledge which includes all the Vedas, its auxiliary disciplines, phonetics, rituals, grammar, etymology, astrology, astronomy etc.

Swamiji helps us understand that this inferior knowledge, which encompasses the entire gamut of objective knowledge, is actually processing our mind and intelligence through various disciplines. Through this, the mind gets integrated, expanded, uniform, freed of fragmenting attitudes and selfishness so that the mind comes closer and closer to the Soul.

Through this fascinating analysis of objective knowledge, Swamiji gives us a glimpse of the Superior knowledge (Para Vidya) by which the undecaying, imperishable Truth is actualized.

Shlokas Discussed: (1.1.4 and 1.1.5)

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