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04 – Essence of Spiritual Sadhana

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In this concluding session of the series, Ma expresses reverential gratitude to the Great Guru, Adi Shankaracharya. Through this small composition, he has outlined not only the Supreme Goal of Human Life but also has given a very practical Sadhana for attaining the Goal. He exhorts one to be one-pointed in the pursuit and not get distracted from the path.

Ma unravels all the subtle messages given by the Acharya and emphasizes that all the teachings can be wholesomely applied by everybody universally. The nectarine, melodious chanting of verses from allied scriptures, makes the teaching even more delightful and joyous.

Continuing with verse 3 of the Text, Ma elaborates how taking the refuge of a Guru is the direct path for removal of all bondages, negative traits, doubt and fears. Ma chants several verses from Vivekachoodamani and encourages everybody to constantly chant and bathe the mind with such auspicious scriptural verses to increase devotion and be graced by the delight of the Self / Brahman.

Discussing verse 4 of the Text, Ma says that whatever one likes in food should be eaten as a medicine and whatever is not liked, should be taken as bhiksha. Ultimately, one has to develop even mindedness and have contentment and gratitude for whatever the Lord provides as food. Ma constantly cautions that one must have a disciplined life, but never to be complacent and mechanical. One grasps the fact that it is better to avoid any strong clinging for anything.

Ma also cautions one about unnecessary talking and how it fritters away all our disciplines. Ma says that when one loves qualities like straightforwardness, compassion etc, one will surely aspire to develop them.

Finally in VERSE 5, the message for a seeker is to often be in solitude. Being in isolated spots and engulfed in Nature, makes the mind vast and fulfilled, like Brahman. Finally, the Verse stresses that one should not wander in the thoughts of the past or future. Discussing this section, Ma asks one to live life naturally, as a child does.
Verses Discussed: (Upadesha Panchakam—3.4 and 5)

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