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04 – The Way to Freedom and Fearlessness | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this talk, Ma outlines the practices that can help a Sadhaka remain blissful, fearless, stable minded and unaffected under all circumstances. She reassures the listeners that it is possible to attain such a state.

Ma exhorts listeners to be constantly aware that they are spiritual seekers. We must fill our minds with a sense of blessedness and gratitude. We must have a deep yearning for being in close association with the Guru and have a longing to learn and assimilate knowledge from him, says Ma.

Discussing introspection, Ma stresses the fact that a seeker must ask questions and be introspective at every stage. Introspection will inspire us, instill enthusiasm and lead us to purification and self improvement. As we engage ourselves in the worldly activities throughout the day, we must consciously and repeatedly remind ourselves that we are the Atma which is pure, unblemished and unaffected.

Melodiously chanting from Srimad Bhagavatam and Kaupina Panchakam, Ma drives home the message of dispassion, contentment, stability and happiness that are the ultimate quest for any spiritual aspirant.

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