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044 – Enlightenment and Ecstasy in Bhagavad Gita | Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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When Arjuna was overwhelmed by grief in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Krishna delivered the science of Yoga - listening to and assimilating which, the feeble mind of Arjuna became firm and unshakeable, ready to fight the war heroically. Swamiji says that anxiety is a well known disease of the mind and Yoga helps in redressing it, so that we can apply the whole mind in the efficient performance of the task.

Swamiji explains that Yoga is the dissolution of all mental modifications into their own source, the Consciousness. It is entirely an inner, mento-intellectual process. When the mind becomes placid, it confers the supreme contentment and delight of the Self.

After experiencing this Stitha Prajna state, a man of wisdom will no longer get deluded by desires - knowing well their redundancy. Seeing everything as an expression and extension of Self, he conducts sportfully in the world unperturbed by favorable or unfavorable outcomes. Floating above sukha and dukha, his intelligence remains steady in samatva and his entire life becomes a Yogic expression.

0:00 - Satsang
1:00:45 - Is it possible to be a Yogi in all our relations?
1:05:06 - I am overpowered by duhkha, my mind is very agitated. How do I develop Samatva in this state? How do I stabilize myself?
1:07:25 - Does objective world exist independent of the Mind?
1:13:28 - What should I do when desires overpower me?

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