Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

06 – Essence Of Scriptures

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The repeated affirmations by Swamiji in the previous talks gives us a feel of the sentient Soul within us.

Calling Bhagavad Gita an interactional gospel, Swamiji discusses interactional sadhana in this talk. The message is to live in the world, getting involved in activity and interactions and through them reach the same goal as one does practicing meditation and contemplation.

Quoting Bhagavad Gita, Swamiji says that our senses interact with the objective world and we undergo repeated experiences of Sukha (happiness) and Dukha (misery). We have to understand that they both are fleeting and we have to accept and forbear them.

Discussing Siddha Gita, Swamiji explains that all experiences take place in the mind level. The whole process of seeing and experiencing is a conjunction between the seer and the visible objects. This conjunction gives rise to happiness or unhappiness. So, our own mind is the cause of all experiences. If mind is the substratum of all experiences, is it not wise to abandon all desires and seek direct contentment and happiness from the Soul, asks Swamiji.

Taking us to a profound level of understanding, Swamiji asks us to erase all the mental imprints and contemplate on the singular truth which is all pervading, unfragmented, and the origin of this whole universe. There is a great shift in our perception when we understand that our life is merely a display of our own self.

The Q & A session, after the talk, only deepens our understanding of the subject under discussion.

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