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09 – Yoga of Enlightened Action | Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 | Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

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In this talk, Swamiji once again does a detailed analysis of Prakriti and the 3 Guna Model. He quotes verses from chapters 14 and 18 to further reiterate the message. He talks extensively about how Gunas bind mankind.

The Knower also performs tirelessly for Loka Sangraha but with no bondage, egotism and doership. He remains just a Sakshi (witness) to the interplay of the three Gunas, unaffected by Prakriti.

Those who are deluded by Nature’s Gunas (qualities) cling to the Gunas and their effects.
Through Verse 3.29, Swamiji says that the Knower never unsettles the minds of those who are deluded with preferential clinging. Instead, he gradually guides them towards the Truth.

For this, Swamiji gives the examples of some real-life experiences of the Ashram and CIRD’s. He speaks about how all visitors should be treated with great love and gentleness and how one must take care not to hurt anybody whilst pointing out their mistakes.

Sri Krishna gives Arjuna the message of surrender (3.30) and reliance on God and exhorts him to fight the war without any desires or expectations. Surrender, Swamiji says, is the sure way of getting rid of delusion.

Shlokas Discussed: 3.27—30

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