Face to Face

The Saint I met He changed my fate

                                                                                                                      M. Prabhakaran

The Saint I met He changed my fate
The Saint I hadn’t behind Him
In Him I felt my Father
In him a brother I saw
My Best friend I trust
He showed me my Face
In His mirror of Wisdom and Love,
Ugly, I gasped
Unbelievable, I moaned.
No! He consoled
Believe me my dear
This is
Not your Real face.

The masks I wore of
Pride and Passion
Of Promises and Ruse
The paper Tigers of my own make
That scared me no end
In living life so untrue.
He washed away

But for you my Lord
I’m afraid,
Life would have been terribly the same!
My humble surrender at your feet
Please accept and
Make me worthy of your grace!

Jai Guru

– From Vicharasethu–May 2005

“And Lo behold I could now Fearlessly face my Face And see His grace! ”