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02 – Points For Sadhana | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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Ma Gurupriya ji, in this talk, enlightens the listeners on what makes a seeker 'eligible' for spiritual wisdom.

She states very categorically that having realized that life has a higher purpose, one must make a wholehearted effort towards attaining it. One-pointed focus and a deep sense of renunciation are the key ingredients of sadhana.

Ma emphasizes that one must persevere as a Shishya and become fit or eligible to receive this knowledge of the Self. Quoting Shankaracharya, Ma exhorts a seeker to go to a Guru. A Guru alone can lead a seeker forward, enlighten him and establish him in this Truth.

Ma discusses the 'Sadhana Chatushtaya’ (four-fold qualities of a seeker) which are described in the scriptures. Explaining them in detail, Ma says that these four-fold qualities are necessary for any seeker who yearns for fulfilment and liberation.

Ma warns us against becoming complacent in one’s Sadhana. Ma also highlights the importance of surrendering at the feet of a Guru. The Guru will remove the hindrances in our spiritual path and help us to grow and realize our Atma, says Ma.

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