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07 – Points For Sadhana | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this video, Ma enlightens the seekers about the captivating composition of Vyasa Deva -Bhagavatam. She explains that the purpose of this beautiful scripture is to give confidence and assurance to the seekers, especially the householders, that the Sadhana can also be following the path of pure and loving Devotion to Lord Sri Hari - Krishna. It can and will lead us to Self-Realization.

Speaking about the uniqueness of Bhagavatam, Ma tells us that the scripture answers the questions- Who is God? What is devotion? Who is a true devotee? What are the qualities of a devotee? Bhagavatam describes the Lord, His appearance, His features, smile, pranks in such a vivid manner that it invokes a sense of loving devotion in the listener.

Ma says that the descriptive Shlokas impress upon the Sadhaka’s mind the purity of the Atma. Chanting the shlokas, Ma informs us that constant remembrance of the Lotus feet of Krishna, will evoke deep love for Lord Hari. By this love, one will gain knowledge and will grow in vairagya for the worldly objects. Krishna represents Pure Knowledge, Truth, Bliss, and Purity.

Ma tells us that simple, selfless, motiveless devotion has the power to dissolve all grief, delusion and fear. Ma reminds us that human birth is not easy to attain. Having attained this, worship and surrender to the Lord is the way to reach the goal.

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