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06 – Points For Sadhana | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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Continuing her discourse on Sadhana, Ma Gurupriya ji calls upon the seekers to constantly keep the goal of Sadhana in mind through all activities and interactions.

Chanting a verse from Vivekachoodamani, Ma urges the listeners to follow the Guru's instructions and reflect deeply. Ma stresses on the fact that reflection leads to purification of the mind which will lead to Self-Realization.

Ma exhorts us to understand that the intelligence has to be sharpened through constant Vichara (Introspection). A pure and subtle intelligence will, slowly but surely, take the seeker to his goal. Therefore, says Ma, one must stay connected to the Self throughout the day, through all activities and interactions. 'Abhyasa’ or the practice of constant contemplation on the Atma is a must.

Ma highlights the need and importance of self-effort in this journey. This subtle and lofty knowledge requires focussed attention and effort. Inattention has to be avoided.

Ma explains that to attain the goal one has to, in all earnestness, look within, identify and reject all undesirable traits, the subtle and hidden tendencies and strengthen the virtues.

Ma warns us that the worldly desires are simply waiting to tempt and mislead us. So, one must at all times allow discrimination (Viveka) to keep us focussed on our goal. Ma reassures the seekers that a true Shishya need not fear because Guru Kripa will flow and help his Viveka to be alert and sharp.

Exhorting the listeners to chant the slokas from the scriptures, Ma tells us how a Self-Realized person acts and interacts in the world. He may be externally doing anything, but he is internally stable, seated in the self and experiencing bliss. If a person has had this experience, will he like to chase after worldly objects anymore, asks Ma.

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